In 1806, Captain James Macarthur was on the hunt for a place on his Cockle Bay estate to hold a picnic. He came upon a spring of cold water which one of the ladies accompanying him thought looked very similar to one she’d seen in the German spa town of Pyrmont, and so Macarthur named this portion of his property after that town.

The first bridge from the city to Pyrmont opened in 1858, expediting travel from the market gardens of the inner west to the Queen Victoria markets. The bridge was a privately operated toll bridge, but with the increasing volume of traffic, the Government in 1884 took responsibility for the construction a new bridge that was completed in 1902 and is still there today.

Real Estate & Design

For most of the 20th century, Pyrmont was a mix of industrial buildings and terrace style houses. However in recent years, many of the industrial sites have been razed. In their place, contemporary town houses and apartments have arisen. While many of the older Victorian and early 20th century terrace houses have gone, those that remain range from beautifully restored to derelict.

Restaurants & Cafes

If you like your coffee in a sleek and minimalist environment, then head to Concrete. Softer lines can be found in the numerous cafes that are dotted around Harris Street. Local restaurants include a couple respectable Italian, pub food, Thai, Japanese and one of Sydney’s best exponents of Goan cuisine.

Schools, Education & Institutions

Within a brisk walk or short drive are fine private schools like Sydney Grammar and St Andrews, and State schools like Fort Street. Nearby you’ll also find the University of Technology and Sydney University.

Famous Landmarks

In Pyrmont Square, is the memorial to the men who served in World War 1, and the houses of Ways Terrace designed by the Professor Leslie Wilkinson.


The recent significant increase in residents has bought local convenience stores back to Pyrmont. For more than the basics, there is the CBD close by for seriously indulgent shopping, and the Broadway Centre for supermarkets and specialty stores.

In Harris Street you’ll find a foodie ‘mecca’ in Simon Johnson’s emporium.

Sports and Fitness

Walking or jogging around Pyrmont will keep you in tune with the rapid changes to the suburb. For serious sweat, then head into the numerous gyms and Olympic pools of the CBD or nearby Balmain.

Distance from the CBD & Transportation

Pyrmont is 1.5km west of the CBD and a pleasant walk across the old Pyrmont Bridge. There privately operated ferries, water taxi and plenty of RTA buses to various destinations in the CBD.

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